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I am living in Itä-Pakila, Helsinki and I am hard-working and absolutely reliable, multi-talented woman. My main service is to take care of and feed your cat during your vacation. Cats can stay in familiar environment while enjoying good care and attention. Your holiday can be such a relaxing time also for your cat!

My services also include house cleaning. At the same time I take care of your cat I can clean your home. The end of holiday is a lot less annoying when you can return to the very clean home where your happy cat is waiting. House cleaning can also be done without a cat for example before a party or any other special occasion. 

Keep in mind that by the service in your home you can get a tax deduction for household!

Travel expences 0,40 €/km + VAT 24 %, if there is more than 7 km from my home (Koulutuvantie 12, Helsinki) to your house (one-way) or if the daily distance is more than 14 km.

Prices for cat-sitter:

The first meeting is free of charge, if  there will be at least three visits. My visits lasts at least 45 minutes. If there are more than two cats, I recommend that I visit two times a day when a visit lasts at least 30 minutes.
Prices do not include value added tax of 24%.
One or two cats, one visit a day: 30 €/d
More than two cats, one visit a day: 34 €/d
One or two cats, two visits a day: 38 €/d
More than two cats, two visits a day: 43 €/d

Price for house cleaning:

Hourly fee: 39 €/h + VAT 24 %

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